Meet the Reviewers

Dori Sanstrom is the mother of 5 children, ages 3, 7, 11, 12, and 16.  In addition to helping her husband run the small family business, she home schools her children, sings on the Praise Team at her church and Paper Crafts whenever she gets the chance.  She lives in Idaho on a little piece of land where she can look out the kitchen window and watch a few horses, chickens, ducks and cats play. A perfect day at her house would involve a mug of coffee in the morning, a pot tea in the afternoon and the company of a good book all day!  Her love of reading has been passed down through her Grandmother and her Mother.  She is blessed that her children have also inherited her love reading but it's geting harder to keep them supplied with new and exciting books.

Lark Wiggins is a self diagnosed bibliophile. She is happy to add book reviewer to her impressive list of non-paying skills. Lark and three of her four children love books and are clinging to the hope they will win over the last holdout. Nothing in her book is better than curling up with a fun read and a caffeinated beverage while holding down the fort in Smalltown, Idaho.